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Kath and Spence

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[Saturday, Jan. 24/09 - 2:00AM]

Please support "The Kate." The CT shoreline needs a place for music, comedy, plays... and a Katharine Hepburn museum. Every little bit helps. If you can only afford $5 or $10, it will still be put to good use. Please celebrate the life of Hollywood icon Katharine Hepburn, four-time winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress who hailed from Hartford, CT and made Old Saybrook, CT her home. DONATE NOW! Want to learn more about this important cause? Go to http://www.katharinehepburntheater.org And please... recruit fans from all over the world... that's the beauty of the internet... you tell ten friends and they tell ten friends and they tell ten friends... viral fundraising at its best. Please help.
I'm too tall for you, Mr. Tracy

new here and wanted to share... [Friday, Nov. 24/06 - 10:46PM]


(click image for myspace link)

A Katharine Hepburn Tribute by Lauren &hearts
16MB .wmv download

This is the fourth tribute video I've made. I love tribute vids, especially when i feel a connection with the subject.
 Katharine Hepburn has been, and i feel always will be, my favorite actress.
She will always be an inspiration to me and to people all over the world.
This is the first time  I've ever really tried to be artistic with one of my videos. I'm really pleased with how it came out.
Please leave me some constructive criticism. I want to learn and improve and that is the only way you can help me.
Thanks a bunch...I'll write up some commentary if requested.

Love to all, Lauren

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I'm too tall for you, Mr. Tracy

[Thursday, Aug. 24/06 - 11:28PM]

hello folks

Made some Kate wallpapers and thought I'd share:

I'm too tall for you, Mr. Tracy

[Friday, Dec. 23/05 - 8:20PM]

Not sure how popular Reminisce Magazine is ( www.reiminisce.com ) but they have a Celebrity Spottings section. In this issue it involved Spencer Tracy and I thought it was adorable so I'll type it out.


A friend and I skipped classes at Nutley (New Jersey) High School one rainy day in 1940 and hitchhiked to West Orange to see the premiere of the movie Edison, The Man.
Arriving about noon, we picked a spot about 300 yards from the theatre to view the parade. We were drenched, hungry and alone-I don't recall there being any huge crowds.
suddenly, a limousine pulled over to the curb in front of us. The rear window lowered and there was Spencer Tracy, with that Boy's Town glow.
"Hi, boys," he said. "Thanks for coming out in this terrible weather to see the parade and Edison, The Man. The parade's been called off, but not the premiere. What're your names?"
We stammered our names, and he shook our hands and told us he would give our names to the theatre manager and we'd be admitted as his guests.
At that, a female voice from inside the limousine said, "That's a very nice thing to do, Spence."
My pal and I argued long afterward over whether the voice belonged to Katharine Hepburn or the movie's costar, Rita Johnson.
Playing hooky in 1940 was not tolerated, so we had to keep secret out joyful news about meeting Spencer Tracy until long after the fact.
But the excitement lasted a long time.

--Edward Quigley

I'm too tall for you, Mr. Tracy

Kate Hepburn meets iPod [Sunday, Jun. 5/05 - 6:31PM]

[ mood | creative ]

Well, I am working on icons but I experimenting today and mixing modern themes with classic Hollywood and came to the conclusion that classic stars would have loved iPods as much as we all do (moi included!) and thus, I was inspired by the iPod ads and made a test of these with a Kate Hepburn picture, so follow the link to the 2 icons, and enjoy!

the great Kate meets iPod

also, I am taking requests to do these for other classic stars so let me know if you'd like a specific star :)
<3 Anaïs

I'm too tall for you, Mr. Tracy

[Sunday, Mar. 27/05 - 9:36PM]
[ mood | tired ]

hello! just joined today.

Katharine & Spencer are by far my favorite Hollywood couple of all time. they were simply amazing together. i'm always glued to the TV when Desk Set or Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? are on.

does anybody know where i could possibly buy a Katharine/Spencer poster? any type is fine. i've always wanted one.

to conclude, my favorite picture of them:

beautifulCollapse )

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Icons and a colorbar [Friday, Feb. 25/05 - 4:19PM]

Hey guys-I made some K&S Icons and a colorbar. Hope you like!

Comment, credit, and enjoy.

7 icons and a colorbarCollapse )
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GWCTD [Thursday, Feb. 24/05 - 4:39PM]

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner is on TCM right now! ^_^ Maybe we can't all watch it but we can at least discuss it!
I'm too tall for you, Mr. Tracy

Ta da! [Wednesday, Feb. 23/05 - 1:54PM]

Hey everyone do you guys like the new layout? I'm proud of myself for figuring it out lol.

Hope you enjoy! =D

<3 Day
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Layout (Again) [Wednesday, Jan. 26/05 - 3:57PM]

Well I've worked on it, and I think I have the colors at least! I just need to get it so peoples' icons aren't blocking part of the post, and then decide on a pic to use and how to position it. Just letting you know! ^_^

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New community [Sunday, Jan. 23/05 - 2:25PM]

Hi everyone! I've been stuck in the house all weekend because of all the snow we're getting so I decided to make a Katharine Hepburn icon community. Please join:


If you have made KH icons in the past/present and would like to share your work for other fans to enjoy, or if you're just simply looking for KH icons to use, this is the place for you. Hope to see you there!
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[Friday, Dec. 31/04 - 4:50PM]

An okay colorizationCollapse )
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Layout [Saturday, Dec. 31/05 - 12:11PM]

Okay, I'm having layout troubles, does anybody wanna make a layout for the community for me (please!)? I would appreciate it ever-so-much ^_^
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Hello!! [Tuesday, Dec. 28/04 - 12:18AM]

Hey guys!! Whaddaya think so far?? The layout is bugging me, because Spence's head is cut off in the top pic and I dunno what to do for that...oh well, I guess it still looks alright! ^_^
I'm too tall for you, Mr. Tracy

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